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Easter eggs with candles

Candles in the shape of eggs perfectly complement the Easter holiday. The unusual shape of the candle very much like the grandmother.

Making a candle from an egg with your own hands is not difficult, for this you will need a scrap of old candles, you can take new ones. You also need: a clean can, pliers, a cocktail tube, a whole shell of eggs, scissors, a 3-4 mm drill bit, a clip, bottle caps as supports, a newspaper.

Manufacturing process:

1) Take an egg, make a small hole on top, insert a straw for a cocktail, turn the egg, blow it into a straw, this will help to easily extract the contents. Rinse the shell and dry it with a hairdryer. Cover the table with a newspaper so as not to stain with paraffin. take the bottle caps and put the eggshell on them upside down.

2) Make a sharp nose near the tin can, so that in the future it will be convenient to pour paraffin into the egg through it. Lay the jar to the top with broken candles; extract the wick from the candles beforehand; we will use it for new candles. Put a jar of paraffin on a small fire so that the paraffin melts. If the bank smokes, reduce the heat or completely remove the can from the fire.

3) Fill the shell with paraffin to the top. In the process of cooling the paraffin will subside, top it up to the very top of the egg. Leave the eggs to cool until they are completely cold. Peel the finished forms from the shell.

4) With the help of a drill, drill a hole along the entire candle; you can drill it with a small screwdriver with a screwdriver. Make a hook from the clip and pass it through the hole in the egg, on the other hand, hook the wick to the hook and pass it through the candle. Cut the wick to the desired length. Put the candle on the stand and fill the hole with the wick with melted paraffin.

You can make colored eggs, candles, for this you need to pour in the shell of paraffin of different colors with intermediate drying of each color, the paraffin should not be very hot, so as not melted the previous layers. For candle eggs it is better to make special stands so that the candle does not fall, be careful with the fire!


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