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Homemade RGB Laser Projector

Red - 700mW & nbsp; + three-lens collimator to narrow the beam.
Green - 100mW
Blue - 2000mW
+ drivers for each laser with TTL or equivalent. Managed.

2 dichroic mirrors to bring together rays of different wavelengths.

Galvo - 20K + feedback amplifiers.

USB 5.1 sound card C-media + Spaghetti
+ a block of amplifiers on the LM358 for amplification in amplitude and DC offset of signals from each channel /

Meals: & nbsp;
12V ATX ​​from a computer & nbsp; or 12V from a battery (camping option with a laptop).

secondary amplifier power supply
+ -20V galvanometers (KA7500 + 2xKT819)


Another interesting color projector design: